W i l D w E E k

The Wildweek is a co-created nature retreat designed and run by and for Wildworkers.

Where does the Wildweek happen?

Why do you run the Wildweek?

To rejuvenate:

Wildwork is often highly engaging, but also physically and psychologically exhausting, often leading to burnout. The retreat provides a welcoming space to rest and regenerate from our work with other like-minded people, whilst still achieving something constructive together as a community.


To empower:

As a deepening of the Wildwork's Hivemind, where peers collaborate to support each other, Wildweek participants share skills, knowledge, stories, connections and experiences. Each can then return to their work protecting nature with greater strength, knowledge, efficiency, and new ways of working.


To expand horizons:

Fundamental to achieving the Wildwork's vision is reaching a new stage in the human story, where we are guardians of the natural world rather than its exploiters. To achieve this paradigm shift in collective consciousness and prevent the ongoing environmental catastrophe from worsening, we must question ourselves, our behaviour and the cultures we have been raised in. 


The Wildweek challenges participants to experiment with themselves, their goals and their process. The idea is to learn, understand, and vision what a new modern human nature should look like. In an era where social, climate and ecological collapse threaten everything we know if we do not act to counter it, we are driven to explore what it means, now, to be human.

How does the Wildweek work?

The Wildweek is created by the people who come to it: YOU organise and run the workshops, sessions and trainings, and take part in those brought by others. This is partially inspired by the principles, values and ways of working of self-organised gatherings, such as Nowhere and the burner community's transformative festivals, and Extinction Rebellion's decentralised mass civil disobedience actions.

What about money? What's included in the Wildweek?

Everyone is crew, and the temporary community formed provides for all. To make the retreat possible, everyone pitches in the same amount of money to a common pool, which pays for everything from the moment you walk in the door: food, supplies, fuel, the space, utilities, activities, trips and more.


Can I work, volunteer or earn money at the Wildweek?
Yes: you get back what you give. Each participant receives money back from the pool at the end of the retreat for the hours of work they put in. This can be anything from running workshops and sessions for other participants, to supply runs, foraging food, cooking, cleaning, and more.


This system creates a spectrum of participation in organising, where no one is truly a 'host' or a 'customer'. Some people relax and let the money stay spent; others spend more time working and organising, and will make a net gain from the week.

What happens at the Wildweek?

The activities depend a lot on who comes, what they want to do, and what they're willing to offer. We can either run activities for ourselves in and around the home space, or explore elsewhere to take part in things run by others in the region. Here's just a few things that have happened here in the past:

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