Who we are and what we do

The Wildwork is a growing global community of people who work with and for wildlife and wildernesses.


We are made up of scientists, conservation advocates, veterinarians, keepers, rescuers, research assistants, volunteers, concerned citizens and much more.


By fostering connections and support between people, projects and organisations, we can help each other increase our impact.


Our platforms showcase the beauty of the wildlife we work with, celebrate the Wildworkers who dedicate themselves to protecting it, and inspire others to join our cause. We will also tell stories about wildlife and wildernesses, and explain ways in which you can work for the wild yourself - from recycling more to building a career in wildlife conservation and environmental protection.


Do you work for the wild?

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  • To connect wildlife workers and equip them with the skills, team members, equipment and expertise needed to end the war on nature.

  • To tell stories that inspire, motivate and facilitate others to join us in protecting the wildlife.

  • To start a movement of people devoted to protecting nature, by all means necessary and using every tool at our disposal.


  • An intricately connected network of passionate conservationists, working symbiotically for a greater impact on the protection of species and habitats.

  • A new breed of field scientist, the human Swiss Army knife to tackle all of modern conservation's challenges.

  • A world where humans are the guardians of nature rather than its exploiters.


  • Create free online platforms allowing Wildworkers, projects and organisations to connect, assist each other,​ and discover opportunities around the world.

  • Showcase our work to a wider audience, inspiring others to join us and start a career as Wildworkers.

  • Report on and share relevant stories of issues affecting wildlife and wildernesses, and the victories that result from tackling them.

  • Educate people as to how they can help wildlife and participate in the fight to protect nature.

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