Our core team

Although the Wildwork community is over two thousand strong, a small core team collaborate to run the platforms on which we operate.


They volunteer their time to coordinate the Facebook community group, provide early-career guidance to members, as well as manage the social media pages and website.

Iggy Fox

Director and content producer

Iggy is a BSc Zoology graduate who works and volunteers with wildlife on conservation projects and in animal sanctuaries. He aims to help less-known organisations attract volunteers and increase their reach by writing about them, taking photos and producing videos of their work.


Website: Wilderlost

Instagram handle: @wilderlost.fox

Facebook page: Wilderlost Media

Alaia White

Co-founder and Web developer

Alaia is a graduate in Zoology from the University of Manchester with a final year project focusing on science communication. Working at the science-technology interface, she is particularly interested in the different applications of Artificial Intelligence and distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies to support the implementation of policies that will promote the protection and sustainable use of our natural capital.

Isobel Taylor

Co-founder and content manager

Isobel, who graduated top of her class in Zoology at Manchester, is an aspiring conservationist and science communicator who's keen on research concerning birds and bees. She now lives in Australia, working for Remember the Wild and continuing research on black swans she originally worked on during her BSc.

Izzy manages the Twitter feed for the Wildwork.

Joanna Clark

Co-founder and Advisory board member

After a Bachelor's in Zoology at the University of Manchester, Joanna completed her Master's in Conservation in the Wildlife Biology department of Manchester Metropolitan University, where she worked with the IUCN Antelope Specialist Group. Joanna's passion is protecting the amazing wildlife of Southern Africa.

Emma Holroyd

Co-founder and Content producer

Emma, also a UoM BSc Zoology and MMU MSc Conservation graduate, has a special interest in genetics, birds and marine megafauna conservation. Emma works on a podcast series for the network, discussing key conservation topics.

Henry Barclay

Advisor and Non-exectutive director

Henry originally graduated as a Zoologist from University of Manchester, and worked on both marine and terrestrial conservation projects around the world including Indonesia, Madagascar, South Africa, and Kenya. However, having found a passion for entrepreneurship, he has since spent five years in technology startups, helping them grow from 0 to 9 figure valuations. Henry now runs Barclay et. al. - an investment firm based in London and Stop Poaching Now! (SPN) - an international wildlife charity focused on tackling the poaching crisis. As well as Henry’s BSc Hons in Zoology, he also holds a BTEC in tropical habitat

conservation, a PADI master diver certification, and multiple awards for leadership and community service.

Henry advises the Wildwork core team's plans, and helps manage the Facebook group for the network.

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