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Certain members of our core team have ambassador status for these brands. You may notice brand names or companies in some of our posts, or adverts on our website. We are Wildworkers, not salesmen.


Why are we advertising?

Wild work needs money.

In a consistently underfunded field which needs a lot more support to have lasting impacts on wildlife, we need to find creative ways to make money.

Funds raised through advertising primarily pay for the running costs of this site. In future, we are planning to invest in web development to provide free tools for Wildworkers, such as a search platform and an environmental impact logging app.

Quality products that give back.

As Wildworkers who devote our lives to protecting nature, we are very careful about which organisations we choose to support.


This means we will prioritise partnering with organisations that we trust, try and test. We strive to only advertise products made sustainably, built to last, and created by responsible companies.


We especially look out for partners who reinvest part of their profits into wildlife conservation (such Happy Earth or Sand Cloud), habitat restoration or sustainable development (such as Madera Outdoor), or support animal sanctuaries (such as One Species).

Honesty is imperative.

The whole point of our work is to help direct, introduce, and connect people with projects and organisations that fit them like a glove and work for real on-the-ground impact. Tight-knit relationships are vital to help drive towards common goals in conservation and sustainability.


This means we have to be 100% honest about what we're describing to you - whether it's a volunteer project, a sanctuary, or a piece of gear - to make sure it's the right thing for you to invest your time and money into.


You can trust our reports and descriptions as our tried-and-tested seal of approval (or disapproval) - we will never push or support something we don't believe in.

If you have information that suggests one of the companies we partner with is involved in irresponsible production practices, please contact us at to let us know.

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Through our website and other platforms, we reach and engage a growing number of passionate wildlife workers, adventure lovers and environmentalists from around the world.

If you are interested in partnering with us or advertising on our website, please e-mail us at

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